RULES FOR RENTING THE GINGER HOUSE                                                           UNDER CAMERAS                                          1.   Access of the venue begins at 8:00 a.m. and Events must end no later than 10:00 p.m. and clean up as well as all guests must exit the venue by 12p.m. Tables, Floors and Building must be cleaned immediately following each event. Swept and vacuumed!!!!!!                                                                                    2.   You are to take all trash with you!                                            3.   Smoking is prohibited inside. Smoking is allowed outside.      4.   Tables must be protected from candle wax as well as floors.    5.   No permanent features of the Venue may be changed by any renting party.  No decorations will be supported by nails, tacks, tape or screws on walls or woodwork or on ceiling fans. The Renter shall be liable for all damage to the building and equipment.                                                                                          6.    Children are not permitted to be near or in the Pond Children must be always supervised while they are on the Ginger House grounds.  Everyone is only allowed at The Ginger House not wondering around pond only stay in front of The Ginger House. NO FISHING                                                                                      7.     NO ALCOHOL beverages permitted on The Ginger House grounds (including the parking lot and all land. We reserve the right to ask guests to leave if we see or find out alcohol is being served.                                                                                                8.      $50.00 Deposit when you make your reservation.  Mail to The Ginger House 6287 County Farm RD Baxley GA 31513                     PLEASE TYPE I ACCEPT THESE RULES AND TEXT BACK TO 912-278-0502 THANKS FOR UNDERSTANDING THESE RULES I AM TRYING TO KEEP MY PLACE NICE BECAUSE IS EXPENSIVE TO KEEP IT UP. HELP WITH THIS IS VERY APPPRECIATED. THANKS AGAIN.